Lee Nowell


Full Length Plays


(2 M, 3 W - drama)

Miranda is a professional actress desperately in need of a break. She gets cast in a play directed by the hottest director in town, and it looks like her dreams have just come true. When a man from the production starts stalking her, she is forced to reconsider if she really knows the people she works with. With Hitchcockian overtones, "Obsession" is an exploration of how easily the lines of propriety become blurred and how dangerously out of balance power dynamics can become.


(9 M, 2 W - drama)

King James is in a quandary.  He sits on the throne of England, but he doesn’t technically have the right to rule.  Coupled with that is his constant feeling that witches are out to get him.  In order to keep the throne, he needs to invent a lie that justifies his right to rule.   King James commissions Shakespeare to write a propaganda play that will rewrite his own ancestry.  Meanwhile, witches abound in Scotland, England, Ireland, and the newly formed American colonies, and King James can’t kill them quickly enough to feel safe.  Based entirely on historical fact, this is the reason Shakespeare wrote Macbeth. 


(4 M, 4 W – drama)

Alison and Bob are struggling in their marriage when Alison becomes aware of the Troy Davis case. She is convinced that Davis is innocent. As Alison works to free Davis, her marriage deteriorates. Bob gets the court transcripts for Alison to read just before he moves out. Alison reads the transcripts and comes to the conclusion that Davis may, in fact, be guilty.

Curtis is with his grandmother Mary for a brief stay before he goes back to college. Mary attends a rally to free Troy Davis.  She sees Curtis there, yelling that Davis is guilty.  Mary gives Curtis recantation evidence that points to Davis's innocence.  Curtis reads the evidence and comes to the conclusion that Davis may, in fact, be innocent. 


(2 M, 3 W - comedy)

What if Hunter S. Thompson told Thelma and Louise to take a vacation?

Odd Couple college roommates Kathleen and Steph reunite to ring in their 40th birthdays.  They head for Florida with completely different objectives in mind. Steph wants to drink too much and end up in bed with a Blue Angels pilot. Kathleen wants a quiet girls’ weekend to figure out how to meet the love of her life.  When they happen upon Jason, a Blue Angels pilot, and Brian, a mild mannered grad student, things really start to heat up.  This hilarious play has been compared to The Odd Couple and Bridesmaids.  If the universe gives you exactly what you want for your 40th birthday, what do you do then?


(1 M, 3 W – drama)

Lisa and Tommy return to their childhood home to confront their mother's hoarding problem. They find that there are more wounds to address in the family's history than anything piled in the house.


(2 M, 1 W – drama / comedy)

Anna, a woman whose anxiety can create lightning storms and stop time, Frog, a man who is struggling with his sudden transition from frog to human, and God on a beach...with a pina colada.

"How to Survive Being Human" is a play about the 21st century. What does it mean to be in a place of forward movement, but not knowing if it is the right direction; of being afraid of changing one's personal course in life amid the expectations we have grown up with? The play is about you, me, and everyone we know, trying to find our way through this new era of careers, communications, and social-dynamics. Comedic and poignant, sad and exhilarating, beautiful and dangerous, "How to Survive Being Human" is an operations manual for a world floating on a sea of constant immediate change, questioning technology, social manners, and individual purpose.

"Your mind will tell you that you're alone. But separation is an illusion. Ask a scientist. Read a book. We're all made of carbon. We're all made of stars. Listen. You want to know what your life is? Your life is Now. That's all you've ever got. So what do you want to do with it?" ~Frog

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(1 M, 1 W - drama)

A married couple, Alice and Jim, return home after the funeral of an acquaintance. As they settle in for a quiet Tuesday night dinner, startling confessions threaten to interrupt their humdrum suburban routine. They are thrust into a dangerous game of cat and mouse that tests each one's trust for the other -- and reveals that neither is quite what they seem. Each new revelation launches them both deeper into a mystery that keeps twisting and turning until the very end. This gripping new play dares to ask if you can ever really outrun your past -- or can you bury it when it finally catches up to you?


Short Pieces


(1 M, 1 W – comedy; one-minute play)

Dave blames Andy Warhol for creating the hunger for fame at any cost. He demands that we all turn off the TV and raise the bar.  Suddenly Linda yells that their show is on.  Dave runs gleefully to watch “Jersey Shore.”


(2 W – drama – one-minute play)

Charisse and Clara are people watching, bemoaning the fact that they’ve become invisible now that they’re over forty. Then they realize that when you’re invisible, you can actually do anything.


(2 M, 2 W – drama – one-minute play)

When Sara comes to Tom for funding for her next project, he is incredibly insulting and condescending.  Meanwhile, Man and Woman list artists, writers, and musicians who have killed themselves. When artists are insulted and told they are worthless, they often believe it.


(2 M, 1 W – comedy – one-minute play)

Erin is trying her damndest to keep up with what the American Medical Association tells her is the healthy thing to do.  When the messages start to contradict each other, she decides to take an alternate approach.